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The Hand Saw - what you need to know

This guide is here to help you find the best hand saw for the money. Read through this detailed hand saw guide to make sure you know everything that you aught to consider before you go ahead and buy one. the best hand saw for wood working should be able to cut through wood quickly and with ease. To make sure the saw stays sharp for a long time it needs to be made out of high quality and durable steel. This will ensure that the teeth stay sharp even when you use your saw everyday and occasionally hit a nail with it. The blade as a whole should be fairly rigid so that it cuts nicely through the wood without too much flex. There are plenty of good hand saws on the market, but to find the best hand saw for you is no easy task. This is because there are so many different options and different types of saws for different situations. To get the top hand saw for wood working you need to know your budget as well as what kind of job you will be doing specifically.

Most people use a hand saw instead of using power saw, like the circular saw simply because a hand saw offers more precision. There are also other benefits to owning a hand saw. Such as the fact that you don't need a source of power. Power tools require a power source, which often means having an annoying cable trailing behind your tool, or it means that they have a heavy battery or engine attached. The hand saw solves all of these issues - but the problem you are left with is that there are just so many different hand saws to choose from (some of them are not high quality). Our goal is to help you choose the top hand saw, and prevent you from wasting money on a saw that doesn't do the job effectively.

The shark 15 inch hand saw is great all around, but it is specifically very efficient at cutting wood. It is styled after the Kataba saw which is a japanese design. The thing that sets this saw apart from all of the others is that it cuts on the pull stroke not the push stroke. This special feature not only makes cutting wood much faster, it actually makes the cuts more accurate as well. It also means that binding or getting the blade stuck in wood is less common. The grip on this hand saw is pistol like, which some people find to be more ergonomic than the handle of a regular hand saw. As far as the steel on the blade is concerned it is high quality. It should be able to stand up to the elements when you're working outdoors because the steel is rust resistant. Overall this is the best hand saw for most people, and even every day DIY enthusiasts.

The WilFiks 16 inch pro hand saw has a high build quality which means it should last for a long time, and stand up to the elements outdoors. The teeth on this hand saw are also induction hardened for staying sharp and cutting efficiently. The blade is firmly secured to the handle, due to this saw being built to a very high quality standard. The blade itself is high quality steel with some flex in it, but not too much. The handle of this hand saw is designed with all day use in mind, so it is very comfortable to grip onto.
The blade and teeth of this hand saw are special in that they cut on both the push and pull strokes for faster cutting of wood. Overall this WilFiks Handsaw is a great option that should not be overlooked. It is also priced reasonably well.